The Ultimate Routine For Sneaker Care At Home

The Ultimate Routine For Sneaker Care At Home

In a world where everybody buys a pair of sneaker every now and then, maintaining them as they were is a skill everybody need to learn. Take a tour of this blog for a step-by-step & ultimate routine that you should follow for refreshing your precious kicks.

When used regularly, sneakers can be faced with lots of dirt & unwanted particles. To maintain them as you like, a sneaker care routine is a must. 

Essential Characteristics Of Sneaker Care Routine

  • Sneaker-Friendly 
  • Able To Remove Stains
  • Under-Budget 
  • Protect Your Kicks Properly 
  • Easy-To-Do & Time Friendly 
  1. Set Up A ‘Sneaker Station’
Sneaker care kit        

First and foremost, let’s start with setting up a sneaker station. Set up a plain table with all the necessary sneaker-cleaning supplies. 

       2. Remove Unnecessary Dust & Dirt 

Sneaker dirt removing

After Setting up the sneaker station, knock both your sneaker soles together for removing dust & dirt. With the help of a sneaker brush or sponge, remove any dry dirt or temporary left on a sneaker. 

       3. Wipe & Rub

 After dry cleaning your sneakers, If sneakers are still not looking clean, use a quick wipe or cotton cloth in a proper manner. 

      4. Effective Deep Clean

Sneaker deep cleaning

This step will surely give your sneaker a good new look. Boil 1 big bowl of water. Add 1 tablespoon of sneaker cleaning solution into hot water, and give the liquid a mix. Dip your sneakers into liquid and let them be there for 2-3 mins. 

After a few minutes, rinse the sneakers, and with the help of a soft-medium brush gently & steadily start scrubbing the sneaker in a circular motion. Use an old toothbrush for unreachable parts of the sneakers. 

Pro Tip - Do clockwise & anti-clockwise methods for cleaning your sneakers properly & effectively. 

        5.  Laces 


For laces, there is no requirement for deep cleaning. Just mix it with other clothes in  the washing machine. 

       6.  Rinse & Let It Dry 

After washing your sneakers and laces properly, rinse the sneaker and let them air-dry overnight. Remember never to let your sneakers dry in a place where there is direct sunlight. 

        7.  Weatherproof 

Sneaker Weatherproofing     

Quickly re-lace your sneakers, take some time, and weather-proof your sneakers with spray from a brand of your choice. The sole purpose of weather-proofing spray is to protect your sneakers from unrequired dust & particles. 


       8.  Sneaker Storage

Sneaker crates

The most important part of the sneaker care routine is sneaker storage. You can do all your sneaker cleaning routine, but there is no point in cleaning your sneaker again and again if they are not stored properly. Ideal sneaker storage should be stylish, space effective & useful to protect your possessions. 

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