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The Do’s & Don’t Of Sneaker Care

“Just one more please”  - The real and genuine reaction of a sneakerhead whenever they see a sneaker. Since the origin of the ‘rubber sole shoes’ aka sneakers, the craze among people has risen to a new level.  From becoming a necessity to a fashion statement, the purpose of sneakers and culture have evolved and regenerated through time. Nowadays, the obsession with sneakers is quite like sneaker lovers are ready to cross seven seas just to get their hands on the pair they have been eyeing. 

Adding new pair of air jordans to your sneaker collection is cool, but taking care of your existing sneaker pair is cooler. Sneaker care is more essential than what we see and do. 

The real sneaker lover knows that there is more to sneaker care than bare minimum sneaker storage. So as needed, we have rounded up a list of do’s and don’t you should add to your sneaker care routine. 

The Do’s of Your Sneaker Care

  1. Using a Sneaker-Cleaning Brush
Sneaker cleaning brush

Want to make your sneaker look fresh and clean in no time? Buy a sneaker-cleaning brush.  A sneaker-cleaning brush is surely a green flag that needs to be included in the sneaker care routine. Sneaker-cleaning brushes are a classic lifesaver, whether it's about avoiding the manual sneaker-cleaning process or removing guaranteed marks and dirt, a sneaker-cleaning brush can do it all within just minutes. 

    2. Taking Advantage of The ‘Sneaker Cleaning Pomodoro Technique’.

The Sneaker Pomodoro technique is a method where clean ad clear sneaker is the main wanted outcome. Pomodoro sneaker cleaning technique steps are as follows. 

  1. Imagine a sneaker-cleaning goal you want to achieve.
  2. Follow a 10-minute simple sneaker-cleaning routine.
  3. Continuously, follow the same sneaker care routine for 1 month straight.
  4. Repeat the particular process 3 times a month, when you think is needful.
  5. Repeat the same process for 3 months straight and see the result.                                                                                                 

   3. Avoiding Moisture-Staying Situations 

The more build-up moisture gets stored in the sneaker; the harder it becomes to remove the odor and comfortlessness that comes with it. It is recommended and warned by sneaker experts to avoid putting your sneakers in moisture environment. Overwearing them regularly, too much cleaning of sneakers, wearing them right after washing them, and wearing them without cotton socks are a few ways through which moisture can be build-up in your sneaker home and are recommended to avoid. 

     4. Purchase Sneaker Spray Before Purchasing Sneakers 

Sneaker spray

Sneaker spray is more important than it seems. Sneaker spray provides a premature coat for sneakers which let's prevent sneakers from furthermore stains from setting in the sneakers and protecting the sneaker from sunlight rays. It is recommended to use sneaker spray time-to-time to and before going in and going out. 

     5. Regular Cleaning      

Starting with basics, regular cleaning of sneakers is not an option. Think of sneakers like your laundry, like your cloth needs daily cleaning, and treat them just like that, but with a little more care.  Harder, you brush, the cleaner they get! is this your ideology too? Avoid it. The real gold lies in the fabric material and cleaning method if these are good, then you are good to go.

     6. Laces Need Your Attention Too! 

Many sneakerheads the frequent mistake of not cleaning sneaker laces or considering them as a part of sneaker health. Be sure to ensure that the laces are cleaned too. Don’t be lazy, just take out the laces and put them in a washing machine with a handful of cleaning detergent. 

   7.  Start Treating Them Like Newbies                                                              

Sneaker crates

Every sneaker has an importance of its own and brings its own unique offerings to the table. Treat sneakers like gold mines, not like replaceable. Start sneaker caring, and rest will sneaker health will follow. 

The Don’ts of Sneaker Care

   1. Drying Them Out in Direct Sunlight 

Direct sunlight and sneakers are never a good option for sneaker care. Drying your sneaker in direct sunlight has many disadvantages such as excessive dryness, faster fading rate, sneaker fabric cracking, and many more. The best and most followed strategy is to air-dry sneakers in an indoor environment with natural air or place them below the fan. 

   2 . Never Store Them in Paper Boxes

Paper boxes are the true enemy of sneakers. Storing sneakers in cardboard or paper boxes for a long period of time can let them attract & absorb moisture, which causes discoloration, and crack in sneakers and even make them a lot more hard to use. 

  3. Not Using Sneaker Crates As Ultimate Sneaker Storage

Sneaker crates

Sneaker crates + sneaker care = the duo we always knew we needed. As the name suggests, the sneaker crates are solely made to protect your sneakers. From stylish & trendy, variety, to durable organized storage, sneaker crates have all the benefits in one. Sneaker crates are the perfect solution for all your sneaker-related problems. Do all the comparisons you want in the end, sneaker crates are the best and optimum option for protecting your sneaker crates. 

    4. Avoid Hot Water & Environment  

Everything around the word ‘hot’ should be avoided when the word sneakers come around. Cleaning sneakers with hot water can  led to clumsy fabric material and color fading. A simple process is to wash your sneakers with slow gentle hand moves or a no-spin setting is should be utilized. 

   5. Expensive Sneaker Cleaning Kits                                                                

Sneaker cleaning kit

Do you know what is more hurtful than purchasing an expensive pair of sneakers from your own pocket? Additional sneaker cleaning kits for the same expensive sneakers. Most sneaker cleaning kits come with a variety of tools and equipment that are not needed. Expensive sneaker care kits can be replaced with simple & regular sneaker care routine free of cost. 

The Key Takeaway: Squeaky clean sneakers are a simple & quick tool to enhance the overall outfit and appearance of an appearance. Frequently cleaning them, maintaining them in sneaker crates, and using some premium sneaker care products are some main sneaker care essentials that every sneakerhead should surely provide. 

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