Sneakers Vs Shoes, What's The Difference?

Sneakers Vs Shoes, What's The Difference?

Remember when we were kids, We thought that sneakers and shoes are just the same, well not everybody but some of us did. Well, in reality, shoes & sneakers are worlds apart.

Sneakers & shoes are the most accessible and worn things in the world. Going back to history, they have proved to become a necessity for every single one of us.  Shoes and  sneakers are like the ‘New Normal’ in today’s world.

Let’s quickly dive right into this blog for learning more about the main difference between sneakers vs shoes and about sneaker-like-knowledge in just a few minutes. 

  1. Shoe  


Shoes are like traditions that are passed down through generations but just upgraded with a modern touch & more craze. Love for shoes has become something that every person in the household in the world now owns a pair of shoes. 

  • Purpose - Shoes are the generic accessory term used since many, shoes serve a little different purpose as compared to sneakers. Shoes are more considered formal wear or sportswear. They are types of footwear designed to be used purposely at work, or during running, depending on what you purchase and shoes are one of those.
  • Material - Shoes are made from flexible & strong material that  takes all the burden of  obstacles on roads. There are totally 7 different types of shoes, some of them include  synthetic, foam, canvas, and a few others.
  • Types - Just like many purposes of shoes, the types of shoes available for them are also different. Sneakers come in only a few types, while other hand shoes come in many different types & ranges.

       2.  Sneakers 


If you ask any strangers or your friends how many sneakers they have? Well, the answer will surely be at least 2-3 pairs. That’s the power of sneakers in a quick sum-up in today’s world. Sneakers are true live examples of magic on a daily basis. Sneakers predicted revenue growth of annually 8.93% by 2027. ( Source - Statista )

Charetrictics Of Sneakers

  • Purpose - Sneaker is like a child of shoes, but with rubber soles worn for sports, casual occasions, and now even weddings too. People think of every rubber sole footwear as sneakers, but sneaker looks & material are what make them unique. Sneakers are mainly meant for their good physical experience & comfortable quality. Sneakers are the only type of footwear that can be worn without any load of thinking. 
  • Material - When sneakers are designed, the main component that is kept in mind is a stylish look & comfortable sole. For comfortable sole rubber is used as the main element, While for durability & style, polyester and cotton are used with lots of artistic design. 
  • Comfortable & No Noise Feature - The best part of sneakers is their no noise feature, many of us don’t realize but sneakers have 0 scores when it comes to noise in comparison to other footwear or even shoes. 

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