Sneaker Crate vs Shoe Rack, What's Best For Sneaker Collection?

Sneaker Crate vs Shoe Rack, What's Best For Sneaker Collection?

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Having many pairs of sneakers, it is really hard to keep them organized and clean. Especially when you are a sneaker lover or shoe lover, it can be really frustrating to not keep them the way you want.

Using a footwear organizer allows you to say ‘goodbye’ to all the messy places in your home and ‘hello’ to a new obsession of organizing your sneakers.

Sometimes it can be confusing to choose the right storage for your sneaker collection that fits your need and desires. To help find your perfect fit, SNKR Essentials have made a blog to help you find your ‘sole protectors for your kicks’.

  • Sneaker Crates 

    Perfectly Stacked Sneaker Crates


    • Less Space Consuming - Sneaker Crates are very useful when it comes to consuming your flooring space while consuming less space they are also being stackable the way you want. You can place it in any place of your house without worrying about space and in a stylish manner. 
    • Well-Organized Sneaker Collection - When using sneaker crates, you never have to worry about a messy collection. Even when you’re in a hurry to go out, you will have no problem finding your sneakers if they are organized properly. Sneaker crates give you an option for a clean and organized space.
    • Adore Your Sneakers From Distance - You have the chance to creatively showcase your favourite sneakers using display boxes. Sneaker crates allow you to see your shoes and give you the impression that they are secure.
    • Keep Looking Them Good - Sneaker crates are designed in such a way that it keeps your valuable sneakers away from any dust, moisture, sunlight, or dirt. SNKR sneaker crates with air holes allow required air to pass into your sneakers and prevent any damage. With sneaker crates, you will have assured insurance of your kicks.
    • Cost-Effective - Sneaker crates are a lot more economical than any other sneaker storage option. You can display your art affordably and stylishly with sneaker crates.
    • Quick Setup - Sneaker crates are made in such a way that you can assemble them within a few minutes and in an effortless manner. You don’t have to worry about wasting your essential time.
    • Stackable According To You - You can style or assemble your sneaker the way you like it. You can create your own sneaker space through sneaker crates and display it the way you want. 
  •    Shoe Rack 

  • Shoe Rack
    • Well Organized Space - You can easily find the perfect and best pair of sneakers immediately when your sneakers are well-organized in the shoe rack.
    • Protect Sneaker From Unwanted Particles - Shoe racks are a good way for protecting your sneaker from dust, dirt, or moisture. Installing a shoe rack pays for itself by keeping your shoes looking good and fresh.
    • Rack + Free Seat - The utmost benefit of a shoe rack is that it comes with a free seat. You can easily wear your sneakers or footwear sitting on a shoe rack and also keep them safe.
    • Improve Your Home Interior - The shoe rack at the entrance makes the best look for the visitors. You can enhance your home aesthetically through shoe racks which come in different styles and types.

    In the Indian lifestyle, Where we follow the ritual of removing our foot wears at the entrance of the house. The shoe rack can be very space-consuming, especially in small households. While on the other hand sneaker crates are less space-consuming and stylish. Switch to a better alternative with SNKR Essential sneaker crates.  

    SNKR essentials is a leading company providing a way to protect your sneakers like you always dreamed, effortlessly yet effectively. Each product is properly made to ensure that your possession remains ever-go-looking and fresh.

     SNKR Sneakers Crates + Sneaker Collection = Match Made In Heaven  

    Assemble in Minutes

    The SNKR Essentials Crates is designed in a way that makes it easy for you to assemble or disassemble within minutes

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