Multiple-Use Sneaker Crates

Sneaker Crates - The New Essentials

Sneakerheads rush to buy sneakers immediately when they hear that a sneaker they have been wanting to own is available. They will go to any length and pay any price to possess them. 

But why does this OBSESSION end at owning a pair? Why does it not stay on through maintaining them? When you get your hands on some sleek kicks, do not spoil that excitement to wear them just because you are afraid of damaging them. 

Sure, sneakerheads can recite the features and history of various shoes at the drop of a hat. However, do they have an idea of how to care for them the right way to ensure they are durable and keep looking like new?

Cleaning Sneakers With Cloth

Are you one of those sneakerheads that keep your favorite pair of sneakers hidden because you are worried about damaging them? Well, it would do you well to know that sneakers seldom get damaged when they are worn. Most of the time, the damage occurs due to a lack of care with respect to their maintenance.

Keeping your sneakers in proper storage when you're not wearing them is one of the best things you can do for their health and appearance. Throwing them in a pile or placing them in a common shoe rack is a fantastic way to significantly reduce the lifespan of your sneakers because they are more prone to get dirty and deformed from the weight and grime of other shoes. Another common sneaker affliction in storing them this way is that they are more likely to crease. Humidity is a nemesis of sneakers. Keeping them exposed will result in the peeling and yellowing of the sneakers. 

SNKR Essentials is here with an antidote to all your sneaker storage woes. They provide the perfect solution to store sneakers in sneaker crates that not only protect them but allow you to view the shoes inside all the while maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

Organized Sneakers Through Sneaker Crates

 Is lack of space your excuse for mistreating your Sneakers? They are STACKABLE!

Our sneaker crates are also stackable. They are designed in a way that allows you to stack your collection safely without tilt or lean. Our sneaker crates offer the perfect solution to the issue of space.

Are you concerned about adding a large recurring expense on top of your Sneaker expense? They are DURABLE! And COST EFFECTIVE!

SNKR cases are very durable so you don't have to worry about them not being able to support your collection. We use quality reinforced plastics to prevent cracking or snapping, Our products are also well priced and we assure you that they are more cost-effective than other maintenance solutions.

Are you concerned about the size of the crates? They are PERFECTLY DESIGNED.

There is no need to be concerned about your sneakers fitting in the boxes. These crates are designed to accommodate and DISPLAY all your amazing sneakers. They are the perfect storage space that not only stores but also showcases your collection. They come in multiple colors so that you can accommodate them in your current layout.

Is your primary concern that they might get damaged? Their primary purpose is PROTECTION!

The primary function of SNKR cases is to protect your shoes from getting damaged due to ill storage. But they serve to protect them from dust, dirt, and humidity.  Not only that the crates are also Ventilated with air holes to allow air through to prevent molding as well as bad odor.

Clearly, SNKR cases are a fairly straightforward solution to all your sneaker care needs.


Assemble in Minutes

The SNKR Essentials Crates is designed in a way that makes it easy for you to assemble or disassemble within minutes

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