How to Keep Sneakers in Good Condition

How to Keep Sneakers in Good Condition

There is nothing more exciting than opening a new pair of branded sneakers that you got at the sale, but nothing more heartbreaking than watching them tear limb by limb because of a few mistakes made as a beginner. 

In the sneaker world, keeping your new shoes/sneakers new for the long term is a tough task to handle. Knowing how to keep your sneakers new for the long term not only helps to keep them in pristine condition but also helps in saving lots of money and expensive sneaker repair runs. 

From sneakerheads to sneakerheads, here are the most beneficial tips & tricks that you can employ to keep your sneakers in good condition for a long period of time. 

  1. Treat them Like New From the Start 

Practically and technically, the first step for keeping your sneaker alive long is to protect them from any stains or scratches. Using a sneaker spray from the start can let you prevent damage from the start.  Avoiding moisture and dust to settle in or make a house in your possessions by using sneaker care products is also a good way to treat your sneaker right from the start. 

     2. Regularly Non-Water Cleaning

Sneaker cleaning

Similar to water cleaning, non-water cleaning has its merits too. It doesn’t matter whether it is shoes or sneakers or any footwear, a simple & regular damp cloth cleaning is necessary. Just take a clean cloth & wipe away all the dust and useless particles.

    3. Follow an Ultimate Sneaker Care Routine

Sneaker crates

Just like human beings need a routine to survive, sneakers need one too. The sneaker care routine is a do-or-die kind of deal. If a good sneaker care routine is utilized, the sneaker condition can instantly peak and if not, the sneaker condition can demolish equally at the same time.

 Aspects That Your Sneaker Care Routine Must-Have

  • Capable of Removing Stains
  • Sneaker-Friendly
  • Quick, Simple, and Easy
  • Affordable                                                                                                                                                                                                               4. Proper Sneaker Storage

A good pair of sneakers is a great showoff technique, but a durable Sneaker crate stack is a life longing investment. Without proper sneaker storage, the sneaker care routine is next to impossible. As known, with many benefits of sneaker crates, it is advised and proven to keep your sneakers in sneaker crates. Sneaker crates are known for their moisture-free & durable features which makes them an ideal choice for maintaining sneakers. 

      5. Use Necessary Sneaker Products 

Sneaker care products

In the context of maintaining your sneakers in good condition, sneaker care products are a must.  Manual sneaker care can only condition sneakers to a certain level, but with the right sneaker care products such as a cleaning brush, odor protector, and sneakers spray, your sneaker's health & looks will be just as good as your personality. 

     6. Keep Your Sneakers Out of a Harsh  Environment

The sneaker environment can have a lot of effects on sneakers' condition and health. It is cautiously warned and advised to keep your sneakers far away from sunlight or a room full of dust.  An uncontrolled environment such as extra humidity or temperature can lead to molding, weakened fabrics or even a harsh damaged condition.  

Conclusion: True sneaker lovers never miss out on a chance to improve their sneaker condition. The more you care about your sneaker health, the longer they serve as a new. Just follow these above-mentioned steps and your sneakers will be good as new.

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