How to Clean Your Sneakers Ft. Cleaning Kit

How to Clean Your Sneakers Ft. Cleaning Kit

Your favourite sneakers are more than simply shoes; they are a reflection of your style and personality. However, they will unavoidably come into contact with dirt, stains, and odours that will diminish their lustre. That's where shoe cleaning kits come in: a comprehensive solution designed to restore the gleaming appearance of your favourite footwear. SNKR Essentials' all-in-one kit provides everything you need to thoroughly clean your shoes, including a shoe cleaner shampoo, shoe renovator, shoe deodorant, water and stain repellant, a microfiber towel and a sneaker cleaning brush.

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When it comes to maintaining the impeccable appearance of your sneakers, the SNKR essentials cleaning kit is an indispensable companion. It provides a holistic solution to address the common issues that arise from daily wear and tear. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Sneakers with the SNKR Essentials Cleaning Kit:

1. Prepare your cleaning area: Find a well-ventilated area and lay down a towel or newspaper to protect the surface. This will prevent any accidental spills and make cleanup easier.

2. Remove laces and excess dirt: Take off the shoelaces and brush off any loose dirt or debris from your sneakers using the sneaker cleaning brush. This will make the cleaning process more effective.

3. Prepare the shoe cleaner shampoo: Follow the instructions on the bottle to dilute the shoe cleaner shampoo with water. Usually, a small amount of shampoo mixed with water will suffice.

4. Clean the sneakers: Dip the sneaker cleaning brush into the diluted shoe cleaner solution and gently scrub the entire surface of your sneakers. Pay close attention to any visible stains or soiled areas. Use circular motions and apply moderate pressure to remove dirt effectively.

5. Rinse and repeat if necessary: After scrubbing, dampen the microfiber towel with water and wipe away the foam and remaining dirt from the sneakers. If stubborn stains persist, repeat the cleaning process until you achieve the desired cleanliness.

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6. Dry the sneakers: Allow your sneakers to air dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight or using a heat source, as excessive heat can damage the materials. Patience is key here, as rushing the drying process may affect the shape and quality of your shoes.

7. Apply the shoe renovator: Once your sneakers are dry, use the shoe renovator included in the SNKR essentials cleaning kit. Apply a small amount of the renovator to a clean microfiber towel and gently massage it into the leather or fabric of your sneakers. This will help restore the natural oils, revive colors, and minimize scuffs or scratches.

8. Protect against future stains and water damage: Spray the water and stain repellent included in the kit evenly over the surface of your sneakers. Maintain a distance of around 6-8 inches while spraying. This protective barrier will guard your sneakers against future stains and repel water, keeping them looking fresh for longer.

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9. Freshen up with shoe deodorant: Before putting your laces back in, spray the shoe deodorant included in the kit inside each sneaker to eliminate any lingering odors. The deodorant will leave a pleasant fragrance, ensuring your sneakers smell clean and fresh.

10. Reassemble and enjoy: Once your sneakers are completely dry and fresh, rethread the shoelaces and lace them back into your sneakers. Admire the revitalized appearance and enjoy stepping out in your squeaky-clean, fresh-smelling shoes.

By following this step-by-step guide and utilizing the SNKR Essentials Cleaning Kit, you can maintain the pristine look and longevity of your favorite sneakers. Remember, regular cleaning and proper care will keep your sneakers looking their best, ready to accompany you on all your adventures.

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