How To Clean & Store Your Sneakers With Sneaker Care Products

How To Clean & Store Your Sneakers With Sneaker Care Products

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Nothing stays the same forever, especially sneakers if properly not taken care of. As the world of sneakers is enormous, the chances of your sneakers getting damaged, mudded, and slowly turning into the ancient roman piece are many too. The fact is no sneakers look good with dust, mud, or any particles, on them.

Cleaning your sneakers may seem a pretty easy task to do, but at the time of doing it, every small step becomes hard. As a solution, we present you sneaker care products, the true & quick saviour to protect your favourite kicks properly.

Few sneaker care products have proved to be quite essential and can be certainly added to the sneaker care routine. To get you a better idea about how to clean your sneakers quickly with the help of sneakers care products, we are here with a step-by-step guide on how to clean your sneakers with SNKR sneaker care products. 

Step 1: Sneaker Set Up

Let’s first start with setting up your sneaker station. Be sure that your sneaker set-up is clean & ready with all the needful sneaker care products such as sneaker cleaning shampoo, cleaning brush, dry cloth, and sneaker spray. 

Step 2: Brush Off Dirt & Dust

The next step is to actually clean your sneaker with a dry cotton cloth, toothbrush, or any soft-medium bristles brush. Before starting with cloth, first and foremost get rid of extra dust or mud by knocking off both sneakers together. Then with the help of a small cotton cloth, softly dust out the remaining dirt. Every time you come home wearing sneakers, be sure to do this step. This step will help you save a bunch of time and reduce moisture buildup in your sneaker.

Step 3: Deep Sneaker Cleaning With Sneaker Shampoo & Sneaker Cleansing Brush

Shoe cleaner shampoo        Sneaker cleaning brush

If you wear sneakers regularly or you are a sneaker lover, then surely your sneakers will need this deep cleaning step too. For starters, dip your sneakers in normal to hot water for precisely 2 minutes. After two minutes, add SNKR shampoo to the same water and start scrubbing in a circular motion, but be mindful, no harsh techniques or motion should not be applied to your sneakers ever.

Use different types of sneaker-cleaning brushes for different areas of your sneakers. For soles, solely a hard bristle brush should be used, while the exterior of shoes should be cleaned with a soft-medium bristle brush.  

Step 4: Rinse & Dry Overnight

After properly cleaning your sneakers, clean out the extra shampoo and let the water rinse for 30 minutes. Within 30-60 minutes, your sneakers will be mildly dry. It is highly recommended to air-dry sneakers in an indoor environment with air or place them below the fan. Once the sneakers are dry, join in the laces. 

Step 5: Weatherproof

Sneaker spray

Want to stay your sneakers protected & well-looking all the time? A coated layer of sneaker spray sounds right. Weatherproofing your sneakers with sneaker spray lets you attain long-term protection against moisture & greasy sneaker. Before spraying out on sneakers, check out the instructions, as they differ from brand to brand. 

Step 6: Sneaker Storage

Sneaker crates

Surely last, but certainly not the least, store your sneakers in sneaker crates or display crates. When looking to choose the true master for your sneakers, choose sneaker crates. 


Benefits of SNKR sneaker crates

  • Will never go out of trend
  • Complements your sneakers
  • Offers a lot of versatility in sizes & colours
  • Easy to transport & Durable
  • Made with premium raw materials
  • Pocket-friendly 

Facts are facts, SNKR essentials sneaker care products are the best. As a sneakerhead, take as much as possible care of the sneaker you want with SNKR essentials sneaker care products.  

Assemble in Minutes

The SNKR Essentials Crates is designed in a way that makes it easy for you to assemble or disassemble within minutes

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