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Sneakers are Dernier Cri. Today, these comfortable shoes are cultural icons. But, this wasn’t an overnight transition.  From just utility wear to becoming an elite fashion accessory with a dedicated community of sneakerheads, sneakers slowly acquired their cult status. 

evolution of sneakers

Plimsolls… Keds… Trainers… Sneakers…

It all started with sports shoes being designed to increase athletic performance. Soon, youngsters began wearing them as fashion statements. This gained further momentum when celebrities like Jesse Owens, Chuck Taylor, James Dean, Frazier, Tom Hanks, Kurt Cobain, Joe Strummer, and Michael Jordan made world news while sporting athletic footwear. The sneakers took over the world from all directions be it sports, performing arts, or fashion, and have now been embraced by wildly diverse groups.

There is no denying then that sneakers serve many purposes: sometimes it’s comfort, sometimes it’s fitness and sometimes it’s simply high fashion. As is with its utility, the range of its price is also large. Sneakers are all-pervasive. Sneakers are accessible to all demographics - be it an average teenager or the vivacious CEO who has swapped her LV Timeout Pumps for a Timeout Sneaker.

People are wearing them to formal events, concerts, and even weddings. They are the quintessential accessory – something you can wear with anything, anywhere. This is greatly due to the fact that it aligns perfectly with the current necessity for effortlessness and the fact that they are a great way to express individuality. The sneaker has indeed evolved to cater to the current trends and individual personalities.

Though the Sneaker fashion has become attainable on a variety of levels, there is an entire band of luxury sneakers that attain that status owing to their exclusivity and/or the price tag. Brands produce collections in limited edition quantities, certain vintage styles are coveted for their uniqueness. Part of the sneaker culture is being able to own these sneakers. These rare finds and hidden gems are a source of pride for their owners.

Nowadays, the love of sneakers has no geographical limits, and individuals make sure to get the newest and most in-demand pairs as soon as they become available. Some people have gone to great lengths to keep their Sneakers in brand-new condition by making the decision never to wear them and to only use them as a fashion piece. They present the sneakers in a way that improves the curb appeal of their houses.

Whether you prefer keeping those sneakers on a display or using them daily, it is essential that you store them in a manner that ensures you prolong their life. Sneakers often fall victim to several conditions such as creases, dust, and material degradation and it is because they’re exposed to harsh conditions in their storage.

To ensure your sneakers remain kicking and stay at the top of their game, explore our range of premium and fashionable SNKR Crates. They’re designed to ensure that your Sneakers remain in pristine condition for a really long time while also grabbing everyone’s attention by looking as trendy as ever.

It is incredible to think about the evolution of the humble plimsolls and how we got to the now “I wear, therefore I am.” culture. 

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