Advantages & Disadvantages Of Sneaker Storage Option

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Sneaker Storage Option

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'Oh No’, is this your first reaction too after seeing your pile of sneakers in disturbing order & misplacing your footwear and looking for a second pair of sneakers are becoming your day-to-day habits nowadays? Storage options always come in handy.

In Indian traditions & rituals, where footwear is not allowed in the home,  without any doubt, sneaker storage options are a profound choice for maintaining your sneakers super healthy. Sneaker storage options not only maintain your sneakers in utmost care but also help in creating a promising good-looking environment. If you’re planning to re-organize your footwear mess, sneaker storage options should be your first priority in the home organizing checklist.

Utilizing a storage option that let you say goodbye to footwear mess forever with proper care is the right choice. So especially for you, we created a round-up of sneaker storage options with their advantages & disadvantages,  that you will surely want for your sneaker too!

  1. Sneaker Crates
Sneaker crates

       Advantages Of Sneaker Crates

  • Strong & Durable - With sneaker crates as your sneaker guardian, there is no chance of damage. Sneaker crates are made with premium quality plastic & ventilated with few holes to prevent any cause of suffering to your possessions. Display crates are strong enough to handle any tent or moulding send in their way. 
  • Cost-effective - In comparison to wooden crates or even bench storage, sneaker crates are a more cost-suitable option. By purchasing sneaker crates as your ultimate storage option, there is no chance that you’ll be down & out of money soon.
  • Stackable -  With sneaker crates as your storage option, you can style & stack your sneakers differently, according to your wish. When sneaker crates by your side no more boring aesthetics, just different stacking styles. 
  • Variety Of Colours - Sneaker crates are newly becoming a big thing now. Whatever you’re sneaker storage taste is, SNKR Essentials got it all. From classic black to red, we have 4 colours to complement your choice. 
  • Hassle-Free Transportation - You know when you have display crates as a storage solution, you can just move your pair of sneakers to another world in peak condition without any extra hassle. 
  • Good-Looking & Trendy - Keeping your sneakers in display crates are an excellent option. Not only it improves the lifespan of your sneakers collection but also helps to improvise the outlook of the overall home decor. 

      Disadvantages Of Sneaker Crates 

  • Not Sun-Protective - When exposed to direct ultraviolet sunlight rays, some chemical reactions change and can cause decolouration or a change in the colour of the crates.                                                                                                                                                                          2. Wooden Rack                                                                                                Wooden rack

     Advantages Of Wooden Rack

  • Organized Space - As long as you have a wooden rack at your home, organized space will just follow. The wooden racks are effective for properly storing your sneaker collection, not only does it maintain them as they were but also enhances the appearance of the entryway if the right choice is made while choosing. 
  • Durable & Strong - There is no comparison to ‘strong & durable’ quality other than the wooden rack. Wood is a great source of 
  • All-kind Of Protection - Whether it's dust, sunlight, water, or anything, a wooden rack is your protector. 
  • Improvised Home Decor - Wooden rack can play as a rustic element to increase your home decor aesthetics in a positive way. With just a wooden rack, your house is ready to for welcoming your guests. 

      Disadvantages Of Wooden Rack 

  • Not Weatherproof - Rainy bring lots of happiness, mosquitoes, and especially moisture. As years go by, the wooden rack gets swollen & breaks, resulting in highly diminishing quality. 
  • Space Consuming - Buying a wooden rack at first might sounds like a great choice, but after a few days, when the ship starts to sink, you’ll realize you have no more space for any additional furniture in your house.
  • Hard To Place - As strong as the wooden rack sounds for sneaker lovers, the wooden rack has cons of its own too. When it comes to weight, a wooden rack is quite heavy and takes a ton of time just to place the first time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3. Storage Bench                                                                                           
    Footwear storage bench

      Advantages Of Storage Bench 

  • Additional Storage - Rack + seat = heaven, are you a person whose ultimate mindset while purchasing footwear storage, then a Storage bench is a good option. 

       Disadvantages Of Storage Bench 

  • Open To All Dust & Particles - You would be thinking that a sneakers bench is perfect for storage, however in reality it totals opposite. An open shoe rack allows dust, sunlight or any unwanted particle to enter, which not only affects the outer sneakers but also the inner sole.
  • Takes Up A Lot Of Space - In a small apartment, where space is a major issue, a storage bench might be not your solution. Storage benches might have their share of benefits but being space-friendly isn’t one of them.                                                                                                                                 4. Paper Boxes For Sneaker Storage                                                               
    Shoe paper boxes
                                                                                                            Advantages of paper boxes 
  • Cost Friendly -  The one and only advantage of paper boxes as sneaker storage is cost-friendly. With just a  few pennies, a lot of storage boxes can be available to store sneakers.  

      Disadvantages Of Paper Boxes 

  • Can Become a Home For Moisture & Germs - When sneakers are stored for a long term in paper boxes, over time a great amount of moisture is captured in sneakers, which directly leads to cracking and discolouration of sneakers.
  • Not Suitable For Heavy Products - When heavy content is stored in paper boxes, boxes are just as good as gone. 

Ultimately by considering the advantages & disadvantages of storage options,  you probably must have a sneaker saviour in your head now. So, go get your sneaker saviour right away!

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