5 Sneaker Care Common Mistakes To Avoid For Better Sneaker Care

5 Sneaker Care Common Mistakes To Avoid For Better Sneaker Care

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You Are What You Wear! Indeed, that is correct. Sneakers are more than just a piece of material, they are emotions - The exact words of a sneaker lover. Whether you’re a sneaker person or shoe person, maintaining your possessions becomes your sole purpose.

Sneakers have many purposes of their own; sometimes it’s comfort, sometimes it’s fitness, and sometimes It’s just a trend, but all of these purposes are a waste if sneakers are not maintained properly with utmost care

As always, Snkressentials have made a blog listing 5 common sneaker mistakes to avoid.

1.       Irregular Cleaning Of Sneakers

Sneaker cleaning

For sneakers lovers, Sneaker care is their utmost responsibility, But sometimes we forgot to take this responsibility seriously. Irregular cleaning of sneakers is one of the mistakes that  drastically affects the sneaker's life span. Not cleaning your sneakers regularly lets the dust settle down and which can make them less appealing & less comfortable.

2.    Stack Piling Your Sneaker In Boxes

Stack Piled Sneaker Boxes

The biggest mistake every sneakerhead made is keeping their precious sneakers in not-so-helpful storage boxes. Keeping your sneaker in paper boxes for the long term can definitely decrease sneaker value & material. Cracks and creases get developed in sneakers which surely affect your sneaker aesthetically and materially.

3.    Not Investing In Sneaker Care Products

Investing In sneaker care equipment is a green flag that everyone should follow which directly improves your sneaker health. Sneaker care products maintain your sneaker like new. Sneaker cleaning wipes, liquid, and brush are the most basic sneaker care products recommended to maintain your sneakers as they were.

4.    Using Excess Sneaker Cleaning Wash

sneaker wash

Just like excess of anything is harmful, the same logic applies to your sneaker care too. The trick to cleaning your sneaker properly is to rinse your sneakers properly before applying any kind of liquid or detergent and then apply the required cleaning wash to your sneaker. Excess of any chemical wash to your sneaker can make it lose its good texture & make it all greasy. 

5.      Not Keeping Your Sneaker In Snkressentials Sneaker Crates 

Sneaker crates

Snkressentials crates are designed in such a way that they let you avoid all the sneaker common mistakes mentioned above. When it comes to sneaker crates, Snkressentials fulfill all your need from trendy & stylish to displaying them in your own creative way. Sneaker crates are a trendy & affordable way to flaunt your sneaker stress-freely. Keep your sneaker laced & cased with Snkressentials premium sneaker cases.

Once a wise person said ‘No pain is unbearable except the pain of regret’. Take the advice of experts and shop Snkressentials sneaker crates which will never let you say “I wish I took care of my favorite sneakers”. Snkressentials was established with the goal of providing every sneakerhead with the products they need to take the best possible care of their possessions.

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